Various types of time clocks for employee attendance keeping

time-tracking-software_uattend-australiaTime clocks or employee attendance calculation devices are available in various types and forms and differ mainly on the basis of the functions they fulfill.  As we are moving ahead with time and as newer technologies are entering the market, time clocks are getting more advanced. Different work place environments require different types of time clocks depending upon many factors like the size of the workplace, budget and others. These days the main categories available are mechanical, electronic, computer based and attendance systems. To know more about the types of time clocks, you can go through the following list:

Real Time – time clocks

Real Time – time tracking software’s are those which give you an up-to the minute view of workforce. Such systems are considered the most sophisticated of the lot and can be synced with  biometric readers, proximity readers and others.  These systems help improve efficiency and reduce buddy punching practices at workplaces.

Direct keypad entry systems

Another type of system is the direct keypad entry one in which employees have to enter certain information with a password to clock themselves in or out. There are certain such systems which can be configured with biometric time clocks and proximity readers so that the process of buddy punching can be avoided.

Biometric systems

This too is one of the most efficient and popular type of time clock.  These systems not just protect privacy but also reduce chances of buddy punching.  They help improve bottom line in offices and identify employees using their fingerprints, retina scanning or hand scanning etc.  Biometric systems are increasingly coming into use in several offices across the globe and are definitely the future.

Proximity cards

As the name suggests, proximity cards are those systems are one simply needs to flash over the clock so that the employees can be clocked in and out.  Such cards can be kept in wallets and purses and do not need to be taken out to be used.  Some of the additional features in such products include meal and job button, multiple rates and job tracking etc.  The process of time keeping and payroll processing can be made easier.

Now that you know the various types of time tracking software available in the market these days, you yourself can select the one that is most suitable for your business or workplace. There are many companies that produce the various kinds of varieties and one of them is uAttend. If you are looking for one such system anywhere in Australia, then you can log on to uAttend AU. So log on today and order the product now!

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