Comparison between face scan and fingerprint time clocks

biometric-and-face-scan-time-clock-auThere are a variety of time clocks available in the market since the demand for automatic attendance systems has increased. No one wants to use manual attendance at workplaces these days since they are more time taking, inaccurate and energy consuming as compared to web based time clocks. But it can be difficult to choose the perfect time clocks as per your requirement and workplace requirements. Some examples of cloud based time clocks include hand punch time clock, card reader clocks, face scan time clocks and fingerprint time clocks etc. The most popular ones from these are face scan time clocks and fingerprint time clocks. The following is a detailed comparison between these for those who are confused which one to buy.

  • As the name suggests, face scan time clocks are those which scan the face of employees to clock them in and clock them out. On the other hand, fingerprint time clocks are those which take the fingerprints of employees to track their clock in and clock out timings etc.
  • Where on one hand, both these biometric time clocks perform more or less the same function, a lot of people find face scan time clocks more advanced and hassle free as compared to fingerprint time clocks. In case of the latter, employees have to give their fingerprint for scanning where in case of the former; there is no need for the same except standing in front of the scanner so that the face can be scanned.
  • One of the disadvantages of fingerprint time clocks is that if the fingers are dirty, the machine may not work properly and may not accept the fingerprint whereas the same is not true in the case of face scan time clocks. Similarly, if a person has his/her face covered, then the device may not accept the face scan and this can prove to be a limitation.

These were the main points of differences between the two devices. It can be difficult to choose which one to buy and the choice may purely be based on your budget, requirement, workspace strength and other such factors. There are many companies that produce time clocks of different varieties these days but you must always choose the product by comparing several models from various brands or companies. One of the popular time clock makers in Sydney, AU is uAttend. You will find a large variety of time clocks available on the web address: uAttend Australia of this company. So what are you waiting for? Make your choice from the options and place your order for the time clock today!


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