How can you save with time attendance software systems?

time and attendance software systemReducing operational costs is perhaps the biggest challenge for small businesses facing difficult economic conditions and tough competition. Businesses are trying to find direct and indirect ways to increase staff productivity. Small businesses usually start with small investments and run first few years with very thin profit margins. They set goals to go after the low-hanging fruit and therefore cannot afford time theft and low productivity by their staff. When it comes to managing and reducing costs, bosses turn the attention towards their employees to check if they can implement better system and bring technology to help them.

We know that a conventional manually-operated HR department, preparing manual employee productivity reports and timesheets may spend hours with the chances of committing errors. So if you have 15 or more employees, you need a time attendance management system. In small companies, managers (in some cases business owners themselves) have to jump in and take the responsibilities of doing justice to managing employees’ time. By installing a time and attendance software, you do not need to spare so much time separately for managing employees’ time. All you need is quick reports generated by these systems and see clock-in and clock-out detailed and summary reports of your staff. This saves you time and revenue and more importantly it reduces stress on managers and business owners.

Time tracking software helps small business to confront the biggest challenge they face which is time theft. Latest time clocks now come with biometric clock in and clock out features which provide options to scan your finger or use face recognition time clocks for attendance purposes. A research shows that time theft cases reduced by 80% in the organizations where biometric time clocks were installed. All such time attendance tools are highly affordable ranging from $300 to $500 including a time attendance management software system to get reports and to easily integrate it with your HR or payroll management system.

The ultimate goal of using employee management system is to reduce the risks of time theft and increase the profitability and productivity of each staff member. Time tracking software for small business without any doubt is one such tool that guarantees achieving this goal. There are easy to use plug and play time clocks available which come with cloud based reporting system. All you need to do is install the time clock, add your employees’ attendance data and start getting reports. Some providers give mobile app with their time clocks to clock in using mobile app or using a browser.

About this post:
David Azzopardi is the owner of uAttend Australia ( He offers quality and friendly time and attendance software system for small businesses in Australia. He has great interest in doing research and providing workable time attendance solutions for small business. This post is an effort to help business owners know the importance of time tracking software systems.